NDC Activist Dela Coffie Replies Lydia Forson.


A lengthy letter from actress, Lydia Forson, to
President Mahama where she raised concerns
about the ongoing power crisis facing the
country, has triggered rebuttals from some
social and political commentators.


As the dumsor story gets hotter everyday a National Democratic Congress (NDC)
activist, Dela Coffie, has written a reply to
Lydia’s letter to the president, where he
stresses that the president is working to find
lasting solution to the power crisis.
Dela’s letter also explains that if former
presidents had taken the step President
Mahama is taking now, the power situation
would have been way better than it is now.
However, Dela seems to have hit below the
belt with a sexist comment at the end of his
letter, which many find very offensive. He said
“I am not sure if this your frequent throwing of
tantrums is a menopausal irritability or a
midlife issue. Whatever it is, I am sure
President Mahama is ready to take an advise
on morality but certainly not from a brothel.”
Dela Coffie’s comments have been condemned
by many, and Lydia Forson is yet to respond.
Read the full letter below:
Dear Lydia Forson,
I’ve followed your Facebook history, and I’ve
read a lot of your rantings including your
sarcastic attack on Archbishop Nicholas
Duncan Williams.
Indeed, it was a jaw dropping experience
reading your latest diatribe directed at the
president of the republic of Ghana.
Unless, this your latest attack on the President
is just an act, it’s rich of you likening him to a
dull school boy.
It is of no use educating you on the long term
measures being put in place by President
Mahama led government to end this enegy
crisis once and for all.
However, it is no contradicting the fact that
President Mahama is one of the visionary
leaders this nation has ever seen. The
president is not a ne’er-do-well fellow as the
likes of you wants us to believe.
The president and his energy experts are really
working. He is not just talking but walking the
talk as well.
The president is working to solve the crisis
permanently and not just looking for some
temporary solutions. He deserves our
encouragement and not cynicism.
No one is happy with the current energy
situation. If successive governments had
solved the energy problem instead of
managing it, we wouldn’t be where we are
today. This president has been very honest
with the situation. He says he want to find a
lasting solution not just a temporal antidote.
He is doing just that.
So, you see Lydia, regardless of whether you
like him or not he’s doing exactly what the
people elected him to do, and he’s being as
successful as anybody can be expected to be,
given what he has to work with.
He was given a mandate from the people in a
democratic election and he’s following up on
his campaign promises. Many challenges still
confront us as people but he is definitely
getting the job done.
Lydia, knowledge is divine, and so, instead of
trying so hard to become a poster girl for crass
and classless behaviour, read and expand your
horizon and see clearly what’s happening with
regards to the solutions being proffered to the
energy challenges.
Need I tell you that no vigorous campaign of
calumny can throw the president off balance?
I am not sure if this your frequent throwing of
tantrums is a menopausal irritability or a
midlife issue. Whatever it is, I am sure
President Mahama is ready to take an advise
on morality but certainly not from a brothel.
Good evening.
Dela Coffie (Togbui Titriku III)
Kwaku Azar
Deladem Akosua Charity
Edward Omane Boamah
Stan Xoese Dogbe
James Agyenim-Boateng
Hon Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng
Hanna Tetteh
Mabel Aku Baneseh
Nana Oye Lithur
Larry Gbevlo-Lartey
Hubert Osei Welbeck
Fi’ifi Falconer
Michael Dokosi
Commandante Akaabitono
Source: Alfred Sarpong I http://www.viasat1.com.gh

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