Is Shatta Wale in a beef with Sariki?


The genre ‘afro dancehall has become a very familiar genre to many households in Ghana right now and this year happens to be a very wonderful one for most artistes proving their talent and undisputed skills what showbiz is all about.

Sariki should be a name in the minds of many music lovers determined to hear good music. Sariki has recruited Yaa Pono on his current tune titled ‘Sormiha’  produced by skillful engineer Beatz Dakay. Listening to the lyrics carefully, i must say is an unmissed missile to Shatta Wale.

Lyrics of these tune from Yaa Pono saying ‘)si )p3 Shatta Wale’ meaning they say they like Shatta Wale’ and Sariki punching in fiercely by saying from the genesis that ‘Shatta Wale ndwom etwem’  meaning Shatta Wale’s songs are archaic says it all. This is a very controversial song that will leave others to share their personal view. Listen and tell us what you think!


  1. First of all just because you can type doesn’t make you a good reviewer of music my brother Sariki has no beef with no artist we here to promote good music if you have been assigned to deter the attention of music lovers because you know the sound is dope my friend NAWA for you #dopeboyz #werunanation #oyege


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